About Us

WE Consultancy is a combination of Professional Lawyers,  Tax & Corporate Expertise, Professional Accountant, Secretarial Expertise and a Group of Professional Legal Consultant & Accountants established in April, 2010 and has been engaged with the High Courts, Lower Courts, Departmental matters I.e:

1, FBR ( Federal Board of Revenue)

2, SRB ( Sindh Revenue board )

3, Custom Port

3, EDB ( Engineering developing board ) 

4, PSQCA (Pakistan standard and quality control Authority)

5, EOBI (Employees old age benefits institutions)

6, K-Electric (Karachi Electric )

8, SSGS (Sui Southern Gas Supply)

etc and consultancy of Local business regarding all kinds of Accounting: Accounts, Bookkeeping, Supervision and Management of Business Affairs like Management Debtors, Creditors, Inventory, Profit & Loss Account and Event Management of Businesses.

Our Services

WE Consultancy having different experience Lawyers working in our law firm in Karachi. Such as Criminal lawyer, Civil lawyer, corporate lawyer, family law lawyer, Services Matter Lawyers, Labor Court lawyer, Custom Courts Lawyers, Cost & Management Accountant, Management Consultants, H.R.M Services etc

WE Advisory you in Legal Matters of…

  • Criminal Cases
  • Civil Cases
  • Family Cases
  • Services Cases
  • CNS Narcotic Cases
  • ATC
  • Legal Notices & Reply
  • Sale Deed, Transfer Deed, Partnership Deed, Gift Deed, Land Acquisition matters

WE administrate you in Taxation Matters of…

  • National Tax Number/ Sales Tax Registration Number
  • Company/Incorporate/AOP/Individual Firm Registration
  • Income Tax Return Filling
  • Sales Tax Return Filling
  • Computerized Accounting/Book Keeping
  • Internal/External Auditing
  • Tax & Audit Hearing & Notices Reply    
  • Withholding Statement & Filling
  • Custom matters
  • Engineering Development Board/Pakistan Quality Control Department Registration
  • Labor Cases I,e: EOBI, SESSI, Labor Department, Labor Court
  • New Connection I.e: K-Electric, SSGC, SITE, any other concern Approval etc
  • Management Consultancy & Event Management Program.

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Our Objectives

WE Consultancy provides solutions for Law Cases any Court of any stage by our Senior Lawyers Team Cases we are providing  Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping Services: Income Tax, Sale Tax, Internal Audit (to control highlight business risk), Costing (to know your business ratio,) Budgeting & Forecasting (to help your future plan) Corporate matters of SECP, Company Registration as Private Limited, Stock Management etc, for Small and Medium size Local Companies, Traders, Manufactures, Importers, Exporters, NGOs and others Sectors in accordance with International Accounting System. WE Consultancy worked under the sector of Leadership and Business within Pakistani Organizations. It is also provide Training to individual groups and organization that caters to the training needs and recruitments in organizations while keeping in mind the challenges that are poised before Pakistan industry today. It facilitates initiative-driven corporate programs, motivation management services, workshops, seminars, and courses customized are geared to achieve the objectives of the business organization, appropriate mission statements and desired goals. WE Consultancy can be your Company CFO, Cost Accountant, Company Secretary, Internal Auditor, Tax Consultant and Business Manager on need basis, where you can save higher salaries. WE Consultancy believed in the Quality Services, Professional Structure of Consultancy Services, assurance our valuable Clients in Pakistan.

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